Another MobileMonday Amsterdam announced itself, this time not about the best newest and improves apps or future trends, this time Data is the theme. Interested in how and what and curious because of the speakers, I decided to go. An inspiring momo it was. Data and how to deal with it. Data and how to play with it. Data and how to make it into something interesting and useful. The digital age provides us with far more data than ever before. In every single aspect of our lives. Apart from the concerns as to how and where this data is stored and who owns it. There are infinite possibilities in how to process pieces of this data into something we can use. I see possibilities in new ways of rearranging data and visualizing the story that emerges from that. So I decided it is time to get out there and emerge myself into the big Data… searching for the things I ‘see’ so I can make you ‘see’ them too.

And ofcourse I couldnt help myself; small recap of momoams 18
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