Mijn visie op 2010 (looking back)

[Dutch] In het voorjaar van 2010 interviewde Netkwesties.nl mij over mijn visie over het internet en technologie in het algemeen en onze samenleving. Onlangs postte netkwesties deze als videopost op de site. Terugkijkend op het afgelopen jaar. Leuk om weer terug te zien. Waarom we niet meer dingen meer van bovenaf bekijken, politiek, gaming en educatie, waardoor ik ineens weer snap waarom ik  Sir Ken Robinson zo geweldig vind. “Mijn visie op 2010 (looking back)” verder lezen

Social media, more than the newest hype?

There are still those that are not convinced that social media have a real chance of existence, who still perceive Facebook and twitter as the next hype. Still these are also the ones that without questioning use Youtube as their number one search engine for music and funny video’s. Social media is all around us. We use it and cant imagine our lives without it anymore. So how much of a fad is it really? Or is the world around us (society to be more specific) changing and is social media just part of that revolution. “Social media, more than the newest hype?” verder lezen

Social Media a short explanation

Just for those who want a quick reminder, this is a short and easy overview of the concept ‘ social media’. Was playing around in Prezi again and this came out of it. Since i needed a way to visualize my concepts and I spent a lot of time explaining this to others. Looking forward to make more of these. Just short easy accessible explanations with visuals and words. The first in a row, I hope….>> “Social Media a short explanation” verder lezen