So what type of pens do you use?

-“Are they felt tip?” -“What brand pens do you use?” I get asked these questions a lot. And I am always happy to answer them, though the answer depends on what I have with me at the moment, it being my Faber-Castell brush tips, my Pigma Micron Pens, my Stabilo’s or even just round tip Edding whiteboard markers. It’s the situation that calls for certain pens, but only because they feel ‘comfortable’ or suit the medium. Not because they make me draw better.

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Every child has its unique potential; let’s find a way to use that in educating them for their future.

We have a chance to change education and help our children prepare for their future; is what Mark Randall told us in his #TNW keynote. One of the many things that hasnt changed in over 30 years is the way we each to children who need teaching in a different way than classis methods of pure leftbrain linguistic linearity. Today I stumbled upon an article about dyslexia that posed the following;

“Every child has its unique potential; let’s find a way to use that in educating them for their future.” verder lezen

The Next Web 2011, sketchers pick

Last week The Next Web organized its yearly conference, where tech, innovation, and good vibes join for three days. I was asked to make visual notes of all the keynote speakers. This year all of my notes were shown on the big screen to recap, during the day. Did I say big screen? , the screen was ‘huge’ ! I enjoyed the enthusiasm of all of the speakers this year as well as the quality of the startups that presented itself this year.

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Another book Illustrated, How2talk2kids siblings without rivalry

The American series by Mazlish and Faber of how to communicate with children in a succesful way has been translated and adapted into a workable Dutch version by The first book; How2talk2kids came out 2 years ago with my drawings. These drawings proved to be a big succes in how the book was received and were used in the workshops very succesfullly to provide simple understandable examples. With the second book there was no doubt; it needed another set of my drawings. “Another book Illustrated, How2talk2kids siblings without rivalry” verder lezen