Another reason to introduce ‘Visual Note-taking’ in schools

I came across this article today. It is a research from Princeton University;

Study finds that writing notes by hand is best way to remember details”


Students where allowed to take notes either on their laptop or with pen and paper. Those who used pen and paper were able to recall significantly more, and what is more important ‘understood’ more of what was said during the lecture. As iPad’s and laptop’s are a welcome addition to the toolset of our students, they shouldn’t replace paper completely.

I always took visual notes during my whole school career (mostly because this is how my visual spatial mind works and it allows me to understand and remember better). And although it was mostly frowned upon and sometimes even banished ( getting low grades, or no grade at all for doodling in my notebook) it got me through high school and university. Having sometimes only to look at my notes again for understanding.

Now I am not saying that visual note-taking is the holy grale, I am saying that pen and paper is still a very important learning tool, drawing or writing,  and visual note-taking could be a very useful addition to making notes on paper if learned at school early on for many of our students and children.




Visual literacy should be equally important as textual literacy in our educational systems

In my ever lasting hunger to explore the web on possibilities  of how to change education and the importance of visuals and visual thinking in our modern society. One that is changing rapidly, every generation more adapted to our digital innovations than the former, while education is lagging behind. I came across a 2005 whitepaper that is stating exactly what I think is so true “Visual literacy should be equally important as textual literacy in our educational systems” verder lezen

Somewhere along the line.. ; visual thinking and education

My last  post I wrote on visual spatial thinking and how some people think and learn in a different way from other people. Well that difference isnt all that big when we are little, it is when we grow up that that division of left and right brained people becomes more clear. The right brain is the visual side, the one with more overview, more feeling the one that gets the whole picture. The side that we access when we get to insights and new creative solutions. So how is it that that is the precise thing that most schools try and tell you not to use. The very thing we expect from employees and entrepreneurs. Why is it that school systems still educate us with and for step by step, lineair thinking, detail and order, while we are expected to be innovative , intuitive insightful and creative later on…we need that balance between the left and the right brain.

Every child has its unique potential; let’s find a way to use that in educating them for their future.

We have a chance to change education and help our children prepare for their future; is what Mark Randall told us in his #TNW keynote. One of the many things that hasnt changed in over 30 years is the way we each to children who need teaching in a different way than classis methods of pure leftbrain linguistic linearity. Today I stumbled upon an article about dyslexia that posed the following;

“Every child has its unique potential; let’s find a way to use that in educating them for their future.” verder lezen

Stop arguing, accept it; the world of our children is changing

Yesterday, when trying to explain  the concept of generation gap to my kids, I realized once again that their view of the world and their expectations are already tuned in into new possibilities and innovations. On finding out that my friend didn’t have internet until age 16, simply because it didn’t exist, my daughter exclaimed; ” how did you survive so long without it” and my son was seriously concerned and asked how he would spent his time and entertain himself. This goes for the mobile phone as well. The thought that I didn’t have one until I was in my twenties was shocking. The least of all because of how I would tell the time, or set an alarm, or get in touch with friends. “Stop arguing, accept it; the world of our children is changing” verder lezen