My Shoes

“My shoes and me,  we come a long way :)”

Adobe ideas, endless zooming made it possible to dot dot dot in a lot a shades…

Venice details; Gondola adornments

We went to Venice for a couple of days last month, a beautiful city, with visual treasures around every single corner, and there are many. I’ve posted a selection of pictures on Flick for you all to enjoy.

This iPad doodle is a little detail of a Venetian gondola.. all of them are beautifully adorned or decorated.

Deep blue sea

Adobe Ideas, my absolute favorite sketch app on iPad, released some new features within the app. the color theme picker was one that was in there at the very beginning but was removed later on.  I am really glad its back, loved that feature. Creating color swatches from pictures or painting works for me. You can also ‘save’ your favorite brushes ( color/brush/width) in your brush palet, good thing if  you are working on something and need to get back to some basic brushes. This would really work for my life iPadsketching at events. The accuracy of the brushes has also improved noticably, especially  the ‘brush’ brush has this beautiful effect when drawing curves in your stokes, I had to try it out some more… ‘Deep blue sea’ is the result.

Big City

IPad Sketch, trying out new brushes in the Adobe Idea app. Works great, happy with the changes. Also a chance to try my new Maglus stylus.. sturdier than my Bamboo. Not sure if it will replace it, love the magnetic part.