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“My shoes and me,  we come a long way :)”

Adobe ideas, endless zooming made it possible to dot dot dot in a lot a shades…

A future of myriad microbusinesses?

After writing about big companies and innovation, how they should change their inner structure and culture in order to keep up, I found this 1998 Harvard business review;

Despite all the recent talk of decentralized management, empowered employees, and horizontal processes, the large industrial organization continues to dominate the economy today…… but we see sign of a counterphenomenon: the disintegration of the larger corporation.

“A future of myriad microbusinesses?” verder lezen

Big enterprises are you ready to innovate big?

As tech startups start to disrupt markets where enterprises ruled for decades, the need for innovation becomes bigger. Some turn to me and ask; “-Can you help us do lean customer development.” “-Can you help us think more visually.”  “-Can you help us be more like a lean startup.”  “-Can you help us be more innovative.” And although that first realization, by at least the one person that asks, that somethings need to change is a good start. It is no where enough for that company to stay on top. “Big enterprises are you ready to innovate big?” verder lezen