Artwork iPad doodle

Venice details; Gondola adornments

We went to Venice for a couple of days last month, a beautiful city, with visual treasures around every single corner, and there are many. I’ve posted a selection of pictures on Flick for you all to enjoy.

This iPad doodle is a little detail of a Venetian gondola.. all of them are beautifully adorned or decorated.

Artwork Pictures

Congratulations; twin baby boy and girl

Came across this string of baby clothing displayed along Venetian colored houses over a canal. Congratulations, I thought, a boy and a girl 🙂


We all started out small; let’s learn from each other

I’ve been saying it for a while now, the startup community has a lot to offer for corporates, and the other way around. I think entrepreneurs should take responsibility and give back to the (startup) community.

I came across this white paper with cases of several corporates that put effort in giving back to startups,