New Year, new design

I’ve put my Tumblr in a new jacket for 2013. It is where I share my personal pictures and thoughts. I took the time to write a personal new years post as well.

Wishing you al a courageous 2013.



Leweb 2012 the internet of things; a visual overview in live! iPadsketches

It was that time of year again and my 4th visit to LeWeb Paris, the biggest tech conference in Europe where people in the scene from all over the world meet and talk, new products and services are introduced and people get ready for a new year in webtech. This year’s overall theme was “the internet of things”.

iPad doodle

Big City

IPad Sketch, trying out new brushes in the Adobe Idea app. Works great, happy with the changes. Also a chance to try my new Maglus stylus.. sturdier than my Bamboo. Not sure if it will replace it, love the magnetic part.