Who am I?

Why do I see the world the way I do. Why do not all people ‘see’ things the way I do… It took me a while to understand that; the learning style in the educational system where different from what I needed, it didn’t mean I wasn’t as smart as others, that doodling and using big arrows to connect one thing to another in my notes wasn’t a ‘bad’ thing as my teacher used to say, that my way of simplifying and connecting everything I knew and came across was something my brain needed to do.  “Who am I?” verder lezen

Life at the castle

I’ve been on a short and well deserved break last week, took the boyfriend and kids out to a castle in the beautiful French ‘Pays de Loire’ . Chateau de la Roche Hue was our destination, within range of the cities of Saumur and Angers. In the end we did’nt do much sightseeing. Swimming, reading, and enjoying the lovely French wines of the region is what we did. Especially the cremants (methode champagnoise), my favorite; a red cremant by the house of Ackerman as well a brut rose called Xnoir, of which we bought a stack to take home after visiting the caves. Of course I did some drawing as well..


My Tumblr

I’ve been using Instagram for a while now.. little things I see turned into something memorable. Recently I rediscovered my Tumblr. There I collect my doodles and drawings, as well as a view of the day #todaysview into a visual story of my life.