Games and Innovation in GameHub

Yesterday I attended Gamehub, a Belgian initiative to act as an incubator for the Gameindustry and talent in Belgium. It is a 2 year project with the cooperation of Higher Education and University  (Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg (PHL),  Universiteit Hasselt,  Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg and GROEP T Internationale Hogeschool Leuven) as well as European and National funds. They tried to bring together business and talent as well as Belgium game studio’s. Although the turn-up of business related attendees was not too big, it was a very interesting day with regard to showcasing fruitful and innovative projects that flourish in  the tiny country of  Belgium. Good to see the cooperation of governments and Educators in this long-term project investing in their knowledge economy trying to keep talent and creativity on board. For a quick overview of the speakers and their presentations you can see my sketchnotes here. The afternoon was packed with hands-on in depth workshops, from stopmotion animation to game based learning. Thanks for having me guys.

Proudly presenting; Fast Moving Targets a new platform on innovation, media and communication

Fast moving Targets is an initiative from Erwin Blom and Wessel de Valk, who wanted to create a crossmedia platform about technology, innovation, communication and media. Their goal is to inform, detect and show what is going on around us, not only for us as users, but also with us as users. “Proudly presenting; Fast Moving Targets a new platform on innovation, media and communication” verder lezen