Another book Illustrated, How2talk2kids siblings without rivalry

The American series by Mazlish and Faber of how to communicate with children in a succesful way has been translated and adapted into a workable Dutch version by The first book; How2talk2kids came out 2 years ago with my drawings. These drawings proved to be a big succes in how the book was received and were used in the workshops very succesfullly to provide simple understandable examples. With the second book there was no doubt; it needed another set of my drawings.


Musea all over the world at the click of your mouse; the Google Art project

Browsing for inspiration this morning I stumbled upon the Google Art project. Seventeen musea from all over the world, including ‘het Rijksmuseum’ in Amsterdam, ‘Momo’ in NewYork and the ‘National Gallery’ in London are covered in this project by Google. Every museum can be explored floor by floor walking through the museum using ‘street view’ technology. Do not hesitate to ‘look closer’ by zooming in at detail level at the works of art. 

Artwork inspiration Visualization


I usually share what inspires me,  my work, or insights. This time I decided to be inspired. By everything I am surounded by, and immersed in every day. Everything that helps me inspire and share. This is the result!   So pleased with it I installed it as wallpaper.

Click here for a bigger version