A weekend in Rome

On a personal note.. we spend the weekend in beautiful Rome. A wonderfull city with ancient treasures around every corner. Ofcourse I will upload my pictures to Flickr soon, but here’s an impression.

Education and Visualization; potent combination

Education is still based on principles that do not longer apply in our society, everything has changed except for the way we teach our children, our future.I have made no secret that I think this should change. It forces our kids to be mediocre at best. Children that are gifted in any other way  fall out of this system.  Sir Ken Robinson is my absolute hero as it comes to his education changing ideas, togehter with the RSA guys who make any keynote look great with there potent visual noting animations, this video is an absolute must see; changing paradigms >> “Education and Visualization; potent combination” verder lezen

Insight; A good story is the basis of every communication, story or brand

Insight; If that base story is good and consistent it is easier to let go, to have your fans and followers build their own versions over yours, to have others contribute to that. If the kernel of that story fits with you, your story or your brand, it is the bases of all your messages, stories and outings.  Just make sure that first base story fits, and be true to it.

Data is the word; #MobileMonday18 Amsterdam

Another MobileMonday Amsterdam announced itself, this time not about the best newest and improves apps or future trends, this time Data is the theme. Interested in how and what and curious because of the speakers, I decided to go. An inspiring momo it was. Data and how to deal with it. Data and how to play with it. Data and how to make it into something interesting and useful. “Data is the word; #MobileMonday18 Amsterdam” verder lezen