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  • Innovatie trajecten

    Innovatie trajecten

    Change management, Lean startup, Customer development,  Business process.

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  • Strategy en Storytelling

    Strategy en Storytelling

    Strategic visuals. One-Page business-models, visie, roadmaps.   Ook illustratie en animatie

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  • Workshops


    Lean Startup + MVP,  Customer Development,  Business Model Design, Visual Thinking.

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“Draw your way to succes”



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Visual thinking helps seeing the bigger picture, the underlying process or the map beneath a system. As a strategist I will help you go from complex and abstract to overview, insight and actionables.

Specialized in Web/Mobile, Lean Startup/Customer Development and Change management. Mixing strategy and entrepreneurship with visual tools to help you ‘see’. I am a creative thinker with a visual spatial mind.